If you want to accomplish anything you must set goals. We hear this all day every day and although this is sound advice it also comes with caution because goals can be a safe haven for procrastination.

They’re safe because they are in a far off distant land many moons away from us. We can put off the work today because we know that the goals will take time. We can “start” tomorrow and we won’t question it.

As much as we love setting goals we might be equally terrified in putting in the work today. 

Actually getting down into the grind and doing can be hard.

That terrifies us because it means we have to be vulnerable to creation and expose ourselves to the follies that come with creating or doing anything. We will not be perfect and that is hard for us to handle.

The only way to overcome this is to create today. Start today. Whatever it is you want to start or desire to accomplish. 


We have to do it again tomorrow, too. We have to keep putting in the work. Through the good days and the bad. Through the low points and the highs.

Goals are really a culmination of consistency over an extended period of time. So the only way we actually get there is by taking action now and continuing that action on a regular basis.

Start today and your “tomorrow self” will be grateful for the momentum you’ve created.