Who are the most insanely legit Bada$$ humans in your life?

It’s hard to argue that Chau Mui isn’t one of those in mine.

Our friendship started almost 5 years ago through a serendipitous meeting at a conference in NYC and it’s evolved into almost weekly calls to talk about business and life.

We support one another in our endeavors.

Even though Chau has incredible experiences like:

  • traveling the globe
  • running amazing events 
  • hosting popular dumpling tours
  • building her female-owned marketing agency

She continues to be open to learning and is incredibly humble in her approach.

She’s inspired me to push the limits of what I think I can do and lean into the unknown.

What are some lessons we can learn from Chau:

  • Be open to exploring new terrain
  • Be open to learning new things
  • Positive thinking always wins

Hang around Bada$$ people as often as you can. 

Some of their magic pixie dust may just rub off on you.