There’s one thing we can guarantee with 100% certainty; we will experience bad moments in life.

→ It will suck.

We’ll experience heartbreak, job loss, and even death. It’s inevitable.

The easy choice? Curl up under the blanket, feel sorry for ourselves, and be the victim.

Continue to replay “The world is out to get me” again and again.


We can make a more difficult, long-lasting choice: We face it head-on. 

We learn from it. We dust ourselves off and we move forward.

It’s crucial to sit with our feelings and consider how we are doing in those moments.  But we can’t wallow in an endless pit of self-pity. We have to be resilient. 

We’ll have tough times. But tough times create resilient people. And resilient people can handle the tough times when they come again.

→ Because they will come again.

We can’t fathom what they will be, but we can be prepared when they happen.