Everyone needs a compass, but most of us don’t know how to use it.

Daily decisions that seem small are what cause us to veer off course.

It’s not about making monumental changes but small microscopic alterations in our daily decision-making to change the future narrative.

But why do we have a hard time doing it?

→ FEAR…Fear holds us back.

Fear of Success – This is a confidence issue. We don’t feel we are ever worthy of having what we want and we let the unknown potential “success” stifle our growth.

Fear of Letting Ourselves Down – Trying and failing is hard to deal with and it feels much easier to handle the regret that might come afterward instead of “at the moment” discomfort. Regret can be delayed if we trick ourselves into thinking we might do it at some point.

Fear of Judgment From Others – We put so much stock into what others think about our lives that it can impact the decisions we should be making to live a more enjoyable life.

Fear of Thinking the “Thing” Is Bigger Than It Is – Almost nobody is going to see our initial output but we think the masses are going to scour at it and ridicule us. We think that this is the most important thing to human existence and therefore overthink it.

Fear of Poor Execution – Paralysis by Analysis. If it’s not perfect we won’t put it out. We need to have it formed exactly right before the launch in order to appease others who might see it.

Fear of Rejection – If we put ourselves out into the world we can get rejected because we might act differently from how we think the world perceives us. That causes a rift and might bruise our ego. Acceptance good. Rejection bad. ****That’s how the world tells us we should feel.

Fear of Getting What We Want – Because then we have the responsibility of managing it and committing to it. That puts a lot of fear into us because now we must take action. And with action could come (insert any of the above Fears).

Which one holds you back?

Once we are able to accept ourselves for who we are and understand what gets in our way we can start leading our lives in a direction filled with less stress, anxiety, and fear.

That’s when the journey gets really fun!