If we believe in something wholeheartedly then we should have no fear in pursuing it to the max.

No fear of failure. Of rejection. Of loss.

If we feel it deep down in our core then we have to see it through one way or another.

In fact, we can’t lose either way.

On one hand, if we achieve what we wanted in the first place then we can reflect on the process it took to get there and the impact this will have on our lives going forward.

On the other, if it doesn’t work out, at least we know. I think “not knowing” is one of the things that hold us up from letting go of this idea. That thought of “can I really achieve this?”, “do they really want to be with me?, “can I overcome this obstacle?”

It eats at us.

So, at least if we know then we can change our mindset and alter our thinking. We don’t have to hold onto this idea any longer.

We can move on and move forward.

We can believe that there are better things up ahead for us.

We can be free.