The way you conduct yourself creates a reaction from others, either good or bad, and it forms the reputation you have in public.

We care what other people think. We all care. We all want to be accepted.

The difference might be we don’t care if “everyone” likes us but more about the people in our sphere that we like, trust, and respect.

I think a lot about this with Podcasting but it can be applied to any other endeavor.

I continually ask myself, “How can I provide a unique experience for the guest…?”

…in my initial outreach

…in how I schedule

…how I collect information

…in how I confirm interview times

…in how I prepare for an interview

…in how I conduct the interview

…in how I follow up post-interview

There are so many touchpoints and although one could argue they aren’t necessary to refine, they all build my reputation of how the guest sees me as a host and person.

When I make it easy for the guests, it makes the conversation more memorable and it builds a deeper relationship.

→ What’s the lesson:

Audit yourself often. Your processes, your touchpoints, your communication.

How are you showing up? Is it the same as last year? Is that good or bad? Are you getting feedback from the right audience? Are you improving?

When you get better, it becomes easier for others.

Easy and simple is memorable.

So are disorganized and boring.

We decide how we want to show up in the world.

Our reputation follows suit.