It’s impossible to split up “Professional Life” and “Personal life”

These aren’t separate entities.

There is just Life.

When we’re working we may be weighed down by family trauma.

When we’re with a friend we may be thinking about a work project.

When we’re tired we may have to muster up the energy to go to the gym knowing we have work to do after.

We may need to stop working on a project to attend our kids’ game.

When we are looking at buying a house, moving, traveling, etc it can be impacted by our work and the financial rewards from that work.

It all overlaps and intertwines into a messy unrelenting knot that can’t be undone.

Recognizing that should put us at ease. We don’t have to fake it or try to make it all work perfectly into this “work-life balance” box.

It’s nonsense. There is just balance.

We are balancing work, kids, friends, romantic partners, hobbies, and tragedy and triumph.

It’s randomness every day.

We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect. It doesn’t exist.

Map out your day, figure out what works for you, and take a deep breath.

Balance comes with accepting all the challenges we have not ignoring them.