In business school, we are taught about balance sheets and formulas and all of the different ways to help determine the health of our business and our future outlook. Simple things like Assets (things we own) and Liabilities (things we owe). Those are the basics of balancing the books.

If we were to use this metaphorically for our overall health, would we be confident we’d be in a position to succeed?

If the assets were actions we took to fuel our body and mind, are we putting enough into each day to own the outcome?

If liabilities are things detrimental to our health, are we moderating or removing these altogether?

We can make the excuse that we are busy and life is going a mile a minute. It does, at times, appear this way. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make calculated decisions for our long-term health.

The choices we make today impact us months and years down the road. Small wins, each day can lead us to a better future.

We have a choice whether we are creating assets in our lives or adding more liability to our future selves.

The choice is clear but the work can be hard.

Start easy, make it achievable to accomplish, and start today.

Our future selves are banking on a brighter tomorrow.