My son’s bedtime is 8 pm. Tech off, brush your teeth and start reading…


There are times for an exception to the rule.

Every night at 6 pm we shut down the Phones/Tablets/Computers, clean up for dinner, and eat together. Then, between 630 – 8 pm, we hang out.

→ Sometimes it’s a game night and other times we watch a movie.

He’s been on a Marvel kick lately so we watched Ant-Man & The Wasp. The movie was more than halfway over when the 8 pm bell rang.

Typically, I would’ve stopped the movie and we’d watch the rest the following day.

But I threw him a curveball.

“Hey, if you go brush your teeth now, we can watch the rest of the movie and then go to bed after. Deal?”

He garnered a big smile and hurried upstairs to clean up.

What’s the point here?

Structure and routines keep us on track but spontaneity can offer surprise and delight to shake up what is typically expected.

We don’t have to be gruff and rigid in every moment.

  • I read to him before bed.
  • He had quiet time to himself.
  • Then, fell asleep at a normal time.

→ We took a different route but the outcome was the same.

Lighten up a bit and make some memories along the way.

Spontaneity can be a nice compliment to our normal highly structured lives.