Starting is not the hardest part of the journey.

There is 1 glaring obstacle that trumps it.

-> The first sign of adversity.

In any project lifecycle, there can be a lot of excitement around starting something new but there is an elephant graveyard of…

  • 1 chapter rough drafts sitting on a hard drive
  • Podcasts with 3 published episodes from 4 years ago
  • A shelf full of gardening tools for that vegetable garden that never got made.

Why do many stop shortly after starting?

They think it’s a sprint and they get winded when the first hill approaches.

But, it’s a marathon, with dozens of tiny sprints in between. So, you have to be ready.

You have to build a practice, systems, and boundaries around what you want to accomplish.

-> Otherwise, you won’t keep up with it.

Just like when training for a marathon, you need to run, do strength training, change your diet, improve your sleep, etc. There are more factors than just running.

  • You have to add new things to your life and eliminate others.
  • You have to put a plan together that you can count on.
  • You might need help, too.

Adversity will come. It will hit you at some point.

Better to be prepared for the possibility so you have the tools to help you stay the course when the terrain gets challenging.