I’ve been podcasting for 5 1/2 years with most of the interviews taking place virtually.

It has its benefits with the flexibility of scheduling around a full-time job but it can lose the connection of being in the presence of someone and feeling that energy.

So, when I get to meet my guests in person, either during the interview or after, it hits home for me.

I’m making a deeper connection than just an interview. It’s a bond we have for the rest of our lives.
Some people I’ll never speak to again.

Others become peers and we support one another.

And some become friends.

Recently, I got to meet Adam and Kathryn Fraser of the Adventures or A+K (super cool people!) who joined the Just Get Started Podcast in 2020.

They travel around in their Sprinter Van, visit National Parks and other local hot spots around the country, and document their journey through their blog and YouTube channel. (https://adventuresofaplusk.com/)

After all these years trading messages through a phone and talking over the internet it was refreshing to see them up close.

To give them a hug, share stories, and trade some laughs.

It’s what we all need.

It’s what we should seek out more often.