If you’ve ever studied how a star is made it is by the light elements being squeezed under enough pressure so their nuclei can undergo fusion. But there is also a gentle balance in this process. As long as the inward forces and outward forces of gravity are equal, the star remains stable.

We often see this type of similar action play out in the world of entrepreneurship.

It’s not quick.

It’s not overnight.

But it’s a constant force of energy continuing to drive forward.

Why, then, are we so enamored with “influencers” or people who are making noise to make noise?

We need to start following those that are subtle, quietly growing, slowly evolving, and continuing to put goodness out into the world.

They may not be an overnight success but the constant energy they’ve bottled up will eventually explode and their light will shine through.

That’s how a star is born. It’s in the long drawn-out process of adaption as much as the explosion of energy.

Be the person that sees past the glitz and glamour and recognizes the hard work that is being put in.

Be the person that recognizes the niche they are carving out and the impact it’ll drive for those individuals.

Be the person that believes in them from the beginning when nobody else did.

By the way, that person we are talking about could very well be you.

Your star may not be born yet but it doesn’t mean you aren’t gathering up the energy to burst any moment.

Keep going!