Is a 3-day work week possible? We have no idea until we try it. Of course, the 4-day work week has been discussed recently and has shown promise in several other countries but who to say 4 is better than 3. We don’t know what we don’t know yet.

Like anything else, we can talk in circles about the pros and cons of anything but until we actually try it and see what works we’ll never know if it would benefit us or not. We need to remove our biases from the past and be open to new ideas that could propel us forward.

Why shouldn’t we push past that conventional wisdom and see what productive results can happen? I am not saying 3-days or 4-days is the answer. Maybe there is a better option. Asking the question can start us on a path down a winding road of discussion that may lead us to a better alternative than is currently happening.

Quarantine in 2020 showcased the resilience of individuals as many had to battle personal challenges and adjust to changing work conditions, especially for those that were used to being in the office 5 days a week.

The current 5-day work week would appear outdated and stale and with new technology, global business, and an “online all the time” culture, I think it’s fair to say that we might be able to adapt to a new way of working that is mutually beneficial for the organization and the people that make it go.