How is it already 2024?

The years are a blur.

When looking back we often forget the days ahead will go by just as quickly.

One day leads to the next. Time is an offensive juggernaut we can’t stop.

I was lying in bed thinking about when I was my son’s age, which was 30 years ago.

I thought about all of the experiences and opportunities, the big decisions and the small microscopic ones, and all of the luck that went my way.

→ And then I thought about regret. 

I’m grateful for being right here, right now but it’s hard not to think about how I let fear guide countless decisions.

→ Not trying out for the school basketball team.

→ Not asking the girl to prom I wanted to ask.

→ Not seeking better internships during college.

Fear will turn us into a shell of ourselves. It puts a restraint on how far we go. It’s the rucksack we never asked for but we carry on our back all day long.

We have to be willing to face it head-on and realize that we created this beast.  The dragon guarding the princess is of our creation.

It’s our fairy tale.

But we don’t “slay the dragon” with one glorious attempt.

→ It’s by showing up each day.

→ Being kind to it.

→ Nurturing it.

Letting it know that it doesn’t have to be afraid any longer.

Being in its presence consistently helps you realize the dragon isn’t as dangerous as you’ve imagined in your head.

This is how we learn to tame it.

This is how we can face it head-on.

→ What is one thing you fear? 

What is the smallest, simplest step you can take today to confront the fear?

Start there. 

Then show up again tomorrow.

We won’t get rid of the fear but we can loosen its grip on our reality a live regret-free for the years ahead.