As a parent, I’m constantly amazed. Yes, this is a proud dad post but it’s a lesson we all can take.

Cliffs Notes: I noticed my son loving musicals and encouraged him to watch/listen more. He recently started Musical Theatre classes and he knows every word to the show Hamilton so he wanted a hat and outfit to look like Lin-Manual Miranda’s character in the broadway show.

At school, they had a “play day” to bring in a toy to play with in the class. He wanted to bring his hat and he wrote this note as a reminder.

So what, right?

Read the last line of his note.

Why not?

I didn’t know a 10-year-old could have that much perspective.

Why not?

What’s the worst that would happen?
Why can’t we do the things that make us happy and show our best selves to the world?

I smiled reading that note. Who am I kidding, I shed a tear, as well.

What can we all take from this?

Why not…
Start that hobby.
Start that business.
Ask that person out.
Show up as you are.
Forge your own path.
Believe you are good enough.

It’s a powerful question we should be asking ourselves daily.

The old saying “be the change you want to see in the world” starts with one question.

Why not?