Thank you for spending some time to learn about what I’m up to. I look forward to bringing you value and help to navigate you through the next exciting chapter of your life.

First and foremost, I am a Dad to an amazing young boy. He keeps me young and energized! I also Podcast, Blog, Write books, and coach people and businesses through the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Framework to help them get started and move forward in the right direction. I keep quite busy with these endeavors and more! 

My story is similar to the majority of others. For many years after college and through my 20s, I felt like life was just passing by and I was feeling very complacent and unsure of where life was heading and what my purpose was. This dark period turned into an awakening of sorts and after a renewed focus on my curiosity and imagination it opened the door to what I called my “Renaissance Period”. It brought me into a world of deep learning and exploration that I hadn’t fully embraced since childhood. That curiosity sparked the entrepreneurial fire that has always been inside me but was buried for most of my life out of the fear of success, self-limiting beliefs, and judgment of those around me.

What I’ve discovered through this journey is that I am a NAVIGATOR and my “North Star” is to help navigate people to Just Get Started. It starts from within. It starts with the understanding that we cannot discover happiness until we discover ourselves. I feel that if we can focus on building that awareness then we’ll have a greater appreciation for the world around us and create the building blocks for a happier and more fulfilling life. 

I am always looking to connect with new people and hear about what cool adventures they are involved with. Please feel free to send me a note through my contact form on my website or connect elsewhere; Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Substack.

What They’re Saying

I’ve had some amazing guests on the Just Get Started Podcast and people seem to really enjoy the conversations. These are a few of the reviews that people have left and I’m grateful they took the time to write them.

Fun and inspirational stories

Gets fantastic stories out of his guests — it’s the entrepreneurship podcast version of Humans of New York.



Brian is an amazing host. He has very interesting guests on his show from all walks of life. Each episode is full of great wisdom and inspiration. Love it!


Awesome Podcast!

Super awesome podcast. I love that Brian interviews people from a variety of backgrounds so you can really learn how to “get started” on a range of initiatives from social nonprofits to businesses. You are really able to learn not only about the finished product but the steps it took to get there (and possibly even some “failures”) along the way that led to the ultimate success. Just get started by listening to this podcast!