My Just Get Started Philosophy

It took me a long time to Just Get Started because I was living a life of fear, with self-limiting beliefs, and taking everyone’s opinions and judgments as gospel. I was lost, confused, complacent, and drained.

-> But I was also determined.

As I was observing the world around me I realized that the people living the happiest lives were comfortable in their skin, were pursuing the projects they wanted to create, and were spending time with the people who filled up their cups.

They were taking control of their lives.

I knew that if I was willing to understand who I was more deeply, I could take control and create a life of happiness, as well.

That’s when I went to work to discover myself, from within, which helped point me squarely toward my “North Star”.

Through that process, I discovered I am a NAVIGATOR and my “North Star” is navigating busy working parents to Just Get Started. Out of this work, I developed the C.O.M.P.A.S.S. Framework, which is the navigational beacon I use to help people take back control and point themselves in a clear direction going forward.

I have my hands in a lot of different jars but I’m enjoying the journey because I believe, at our core, if we can discover who we are:

  • It’ll inform us on the correct path to go with the next chapter of our life.
  • It’ll give us the confidence to pursue our purpose.
  • It’ll lead us toward a life filled with happiness.
  • It’ll help us Just Get Started!
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About Brian

First and foremost, I am a Dad to an amazing young boy. He keeps me young and energized!

I also Podcast, Blog, Write books, and coach B2B Founders and Entrepreneurs to use their COMPASS to Maximize Revenue.

Everything I do today has stemmed from my journey of growing up with poor confidence, low self-esteem, and an attitude blanketed by fear and judgment.

I lived a life that was defined by external validation and a “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality.

→ It’s all I knew. I felt stuck and defeated. I was lost.

But, if you’re open to learning and asking the question, “What don’t I know?” over and over again, change can happen.

→ It happened to me.

Through many brave decisions, delayed gratification, lucky breaks, and bumping into great people along the way, my journey changed course. I was on the right path.

→ I found a COMPASS to guide me on the journey ahead.

Through this journey I’ve discovered that I am a NAVIGATOR and my “North Star” is to help navigate people to Just Get Started.

→ It starts from within.

It starts with the understanding that we cannot discover happiness until we discover ourselves.

When we are willing to discover the depths of who we are it exposes a COMPASS that becomes the guiding force for our lives. It provides a greater appreciation for the world around us and creates the building blocks for a happier and more fulfilling life.

I am always looking to connect with new people and hear about what cool adventures they are involved with. Please feel free to send me a note through my contact form or connect elsewhere; Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, or Substack.

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