Congrats to Charl Schwartzel for a dominant final round at Augusta National. After a pursuit by some of the top players in the world and an unfortunate stumble by the young Irishman, Charl showed brilliance coming down the stretch.

Did anyone learn anything from that final round???

The reality is that your never really out of it….There were a host of players in the mix throughout the day and they all had their chance to claim the title. Your going to get some great bounces and rolls, as Charl got on the 1st and 3rd holes, as well as some bad breaks along the way as well. With any round of golf even a final round at Augusta you must stay patient and focus on every swing. It is vital that you never get out of the present moment or your mind can cost you the title or breaking 100….depending on what situation your in.

I really hope everyone had a chance to sit in front of the tv and watch that epic final round….it really was one for the ages and had you biting your nails until the bitter end….

Up next is the US Open at Congressional in 2 months time….who knows what story will unfold there…we’ll have to just wait and see.