Keep Cool in the Heat

getty-drink-water-672x372Sometimes the heat of the summer months can make for an uncomfortable round of golf.  Therefore, you must be ready for all kinds of warm weather.  Most people would rather play golf in warm weather instead of the very cold.  For some people, the very hottest weather can become dangerous and affect your game physically and mentally.  You must take several precautions when it gets too hot.  Here are some things you can do to help endure the heated elements.

  • Wear light colored clothing as much as possible.
  • Avoid becoming dehydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Keep a bottle in your bag.
  • Eat plenty of fruit (apples and bananas) and/or fruit to keep the potassium level up.  Energy bars are good also because they seem to be easier to digest.
  • Dampen one end of your towel and use it as a cooling agent.  Keep the other end dry for wiping off moisture on your hands and grips.
  • Wear a cap to keep the direct sunshine off of your head.
  • Have some extra golf gloves available so you can change into a dry glove if one happens to get too sweaty.
  • Make sure you have sunscreen and keep your body from getting burned.  It’s also a good idea to have lip balm protection.
  • Carry an umbrella or use it as a shield if you can’t find some shade.
  • If you are walking a golf course, maintain a good steady pace to conserve your energy level.
  • You have to learn to focus on your golf shots – not on things you can’t control, like the heat wave.

wintery-puttKeep Your Engine from Freezing

Unlike most sports, golf can also be played in some of the coldest and rainiest elements all around the world.  When it is cold outside, you want to be sure to stay warm on the inside.  Here are some tips to help endure the colder elements.

  • Silk undergarments help keep in the body heat.
  • Try layering lightweight clothing instead of a heavy parka.
  • Since body heat escapes through your head, wear a dark hat, or even a wool ski cap.
  • Walk the golf course as opposed to riding in a golf car.  Keep a steady pace!
  • Some people do not like wool mittens, and they can be difficult to take on and off.  Instead try a couple of glycerin heat packs to keep your hands warm.
  • Do some extra stretching because the cold tends to restrict muscles.
  • Maybe try to walk faster between shots to produce more body heat.
  • Again, focus only on what you can control.  Have you ever met anyone that can control the weather?

Trouble Staying Dry?

Rain can be very difficult on any golfer.  Most people will not suffer through and entire round of golf once the rain becomes too uncomfortable.  If you are playing tournament golf, you must get yourself prepared well in advance.  Here are some things you can do to help waterproof you golf game.

  • Use a very sturdy, windproof umbrella.
  • Keep a good quantity of extra new dry golf gloves in your bag and change them as necessary.
  • Keep an extra towel under the umbrella.
  • Get yourself a good rain suit.  Take the time to get fit for a gore-tex suit.
  • A dry pair of socks can always come in handy.
  • Wear a good cap or waterproof bucket hat.  Watch so the water does not drip into your vision as you chip and putt.
  • Always try to play at a normal pace and rhythm.  Don’t let the inclement weather make you rush through and important shot.

Try these tips next time you encounter some adverse weather conditions and you’ll be better prepared so you can stay focused on your golf game.