The golf season is already starting the kick into high gear and normally the Masters week is when it officially begins.  Some thoughts and tips for those players who are easing into the season but have high hopes for better rounds this year.

1.  Just because you haven’t gotten outside to practice doesn’t mean you cannot work on proper fundamentals in the house.  With some work on the grip, set-up, and alignment you can get your season started off a lot better than in past years.

2.  Don’t ignore fitness but add more to your work-outs.  Golf is not a lazy man’s game as was once thought.  You need to be in good shape to not only get through one round of golf but months of continual wear on your body.  Work on your conditioning especially your endurance and flexibility and it will help you tremendously this year.

3.  What normally goes first after a long layoff?…putting.  Although many players think they are good putters because they might not 3-putt from 30-feet, it is the ones who can capitalize on a great iron shot and make the birdie putt that will shoot the lower scores.  If you don’t have a bunch on time right now, head over to your nearest putting green or work inside on your carpet and get your stroke feeling good again.  You start making a few of those 8 to 12-footers and your confidence will improve.

4. Don’t let the first couple rounds of golf get to you too much.  Your bound to have some bad holes and poor swings coming off a few month lay-off.  Make plans to play a couple 9-hole rounds to ease into the season.  This way when your leagues start at work or your big tournament is approaching you will be better prepared mentally which is important for maintaining control when your on the course.

These are just a few thoughts to get your season started off correctly.  If you need some help with your game then don’t hesitate to ask.  Another pair of eyes on your game will always help you improve quicker.   Have a great day.

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