We’re Talking About Tempo!

September 4, 2014

PGA Teaching Professionals always give lessons on improving the technique and mechanics of the golf swing.  Of course improving the mechanics is going to help you, but improving the tempo and rhythm of your swing will help as well and might actually help you improve your technique quicker.

Next time you get to the golf course and warm up, grab your pitching wedge first.  Don’t reach for your driver.  Start by making some short and very smooth golf swings.  Stay smooth and rhythmic.  If your tempo is better, the odds are good you will improve your technique as well.  Not only that, but you’ll be more likely to look like a tour professional if you take this approach.  Nearly all of the best players in the world will warm up with all their wedges first and then work into the longer clubs.

Another option might be to use two clubs.  Hold the clubs together and wrap your hands about both grips.  Swing the club together, much like a weighted golf club.  Do this in a calm and relaxed swinging motion.  Your goal is to warm the muscles and get them loose.  After you get comfortable, add a little swing speed.  Feel the weight of the two clubs swinging together.

Remain focused and work into a fluid and relaxed routine.  If you are in a hurry, you won’t get anything out of your practice and you won’t improve your tempo.  You must give yourself adequate time to relax, stay calm & smooth and patient.

I hope this video will helps and you’ll be on your way to shooting lower scores.

– Greg Greksa, PGA


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