The fall/winter of each year is a great chance to improve areas of your golf game that you might normally neglect during the busy months of the spring and summer

I know most of you have set some new year’s resolutions and I hope you have stuck with them thus far.

Here are 2 more you should add:


Flexibility training, whether it be simple exercise or some form of yoga, is essential to your golf conditioning and overall performance.  It improves strength as well.  Being sedentary is a killer for your game.  Google some exercises or sign up for a few classes at your local gym to start gaining a better range of motion with your body.  This will not only lead to more yards but less back spasms and pulled muscles during your round.


Our nation as a whole is terrible at eating correct food and portions.  Why not make the conscious effort now to do something about it.  Your heart will thank you just as much as your golf game.  Consult your doctor or a nutritionist on some simple meals that can give you more energy and stop those headaches and food “hangovers” we all have had.  Give your body fruits and veggies as well as a few glasses of water per day.  Put down the Diet Pop and burger and realize that your eating habits have a direct effect on your energy on and off the golf course.

Make a difference people!  I make the same mistakes by eating wrong at times and not exercising regularly on occasion.  Make an effort to acknowledge that there is a problem and come up with the best solution for you to fix it.  It will improve your quality of life and your drives!