When was the last time you had a round where you made every putt inside of 5 feet? Odds are, you probably haven’t had one of those rounds in a long time, if ever. So try to add up the amount of strokes you would have saved yourself. Even half that amount might sound like a pretty good score, right?

The top tour players are solid from this distance. Usually, the winner each week on the PGA Tour will be 100% from this distance and in for that week. That’s a terrific stat. You might not have the time to dedicate to your putting like they do, but here is a quick and easy drill to help you with short putts.

Start 3 feet from the hole and insert two tees into the ground, just outside the heel and the toe of your putter. This will form a “gate” to swing the putter-head through. Hit about 5 putts swinging the putter-head through this gate making sure not to hit the tees. From 3 feet your putter should be on pretty straight line going back and towards the hole. Then hit 5 putts with just your right hand. This adds a degree of complexity to the drill and provides you with more feedback as to where the putter-head is. It also helps to develop a good sense of touch.

Once you have completed this drill at 3 feet, move back to 4 feet. Then do the drill at 5 feet. By the time you get to five feet the putter-head should start to release a little bit as you finish. Make sure to keep your head steady as this will help to keep the putter swinging through your “gate”.

If you manage to make the majority of your putts with this drill then you are well on your way towards becoming a more confident putter from inside 5 feet!