Inside the Quote: “Success is not a random accident”

One of my favorite quotes of the last several years has been “Success is not a random accident.”  The reason is that it relates to golf perfectly.  Often times golfers get on the tee box after a long lay-off with the notion that they are going to better par on this day.  However, they haven’t ever broken 90 in a round but for some reason think that today will be different.

This exemplifies the quote.  The player that practices frequently, plays regularly, and thinks positively normally improves.  The player who takes off 2 months normally doesn’t improve.  It doesn’t get any more simplified than that.

The reason I stress this so much is that you have to lower your expectiations if you take time away from the game.  Don’t expect to knock down the pin or hole long putts right away.

The more you work on improvements in the swing, the better your swing will be.

The more putts you hit, the better your feel will be

The more 32-yard low spinning wedges to a back pin you practice. Guess what happens?  Bingo!  That improves as well.

Don’t get upset if you hitting poor shots if you haven’t been practicing alot or efficiently.  Calling a 30-minute session where you are hitting ball after ball without working on fundamentals is not practice.

I am honest because I care.  Put together a practice session.  I know work, family, and other activities get in the way.  That’s fine.  Find time to practice and you will succeed.  Don’t make excuses for playing bad.  Look in the mirror and realize the reason is lack of practice.  No worries!

Work on the game and you shall see better results sooner.  There is no miracle juice to drink here or no genie popping out of some bottle.  Practice does make perfect.  Well, in golf, perfection doesn’t exist so maybe Practice makes a better golfer.

Start there!