Keeping score is important for most people.  However, it doesn’t always reflect exactly how you “played”.  Things can be skewed from time to time and just shooting a score doesn’t necessarily help you improve.  To get precise feedback on your round I recommend to start keeping stats (see picture below).  This is a great way to know where your strengths and weaknesses are and where you will need to improve quicker to get yours score down.  If you notice, there are sections for Fairways/Greens, Putts, Up & Downs, and Sand Saves.

For those not familiar with some of these terms let me clarify first:

Fairway Hit = Hitting the ball in the closely cut grass in between the higher “rough” cut.  Par 3’s will not have a Fairway to Hit (You can Mark an “X” in that spot)

Green in Regulation (GIR) = Hitting the ball onto the Putting Green in (1 shot on a Par 3, 2 shots or less on a 4 Par, 3 shots or less on a Par 5).

Up & Down – This comes into play when you miss a Green in Regulation.  If you get it into the hole in Par or less you have made an Up & Down

Sand Save – This is the same as an Up & Down but you would mark this in the Sand Save spot, as well, if you made an Up & Down from the sand.

Putts – Count as many putts you have per hole when you are on the putting green until the ball is holed.

How to Score it:

If you hit a Fairway you mark a “1” and if you miss a Fairway you mark a “0”.  Same thing goes for Greens in Regulation.

For Putting, simply add up the number of putts for that hole.

For Up & Down, mark a “1” if you succeeded and a “0” if you didn’t

For San Save, mark a “1” if you succeeded and a “0” if you didn’t

Finally, add all of your “1’s” up and mark them under you final score for each category, with putting just being a total number.

The Fairway numbers will be out of as many holes there are not counting Par 3’s.  The GIR numbers will be out of 18.

Up & Downs will be out of 18 holes minus the number of Greens in Regulation you hit. (if you hit 8 greens then the Up&Down with be out of 10 for the amount missed)

Sand Saves will only be out of the number of bunkers you were in.  If none, then there won’t be any stats there.

Utilize the entire scorecard when you are playing and it will surely help you gauge where you need improvement.  This is just one way to do it and there are several Stat Apps in the marketplace that can do this as well.  You will see a huge benefit from knowing your TRUE play each and every round.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any further assistance.  See you all soon.