What a great round of golf by Brandt Snedeker in the final round of the Heritage Classic.  He survived a tough competitor in Luke Donald who was trying to find the top spot in the world if he had captured the plaid jacket.

Did anyone notice the pace that Snedeker plays at?  It might be something to look into for the average player.  I am not saying you need to race through your pre-shot routine and hit the ball quickly, but I find a large amount of players take way too long over the golf ball.  The demons start to creep into the mind and that only leads to bad shots.

My suggestion is to work on a pre-shot routine where you take one or two looks at your final target and then look back at the ball for a second and no more.  Then, you just gotta pull the trigger and hit it.  No thoughts are better than a bad thought.  I can guarantee that!

What happens with most players is they are trying to process their whole swing over the golf ball just before they hit it.  It’s like your cramming for a final exam you have the next day.  Your brain cannot process that information nor can the physical body.  It does more harm than good.

So, next time your out playing I want you to give it some thought.  It might take several swings to get used to it but I promise that you will clear your mind and hit more quality golf shots.

– Brian Ondrako, PGA