Your body will operate better if you stretch, regardless of whether you are a golfer. However, for the golfer, it’s extremely important to stretch. It’s especially important to stretch the muscles that are going to control the mechanics of your golf swing.

To start, you will need to purchase a couple of stretch bands. Don’t worry, they aren’t that expensive. At most, you might have to spend about $25 or $30. For some stretching, you won’t need to use stretch bands, but for the stretches I’m going to describe, you’ll need the stretch rubber bands.

The first stretch is a small motion that will involve stretching the muscles to improve your back swing. You want to coil your body properly and use some of the large muscles in your chest and shoulders. Once you’ve held onto the stretch cord like a golf grip, start by keeping your lower body very stable. When you start to stretch, you don’t want to pull with your arms or hands. You want to rotate with the upper body and chest. My goal is to create more flexibility, so I can create a relaxed and fluid golf swing to the top.

Remember, you want to be sure to breathe. Take time to feel the stretch. Ideally, you can perform the stretch about 8 or 10 times and hold each stretch for about 6 seconds. There isn’t really any benefit by holding a stretch much longer than that.

The second part of the stretch is to complete the swing to the top. You want to keep the left arm as straight as you can, so the stretch is fully utilized. If you break down the lead arm, you won’t benefit by using the proper muscles. To see the stretches in full, please view the video below


Greg Greksa
PGA Professional