As I sit here flying over the Midwest on my way to Hawaii, it makes me look back at the last couple rounds of golf I played and what I learned.

When I speak to many of my students i notice that most have confidence issues. They can stripe the ball on the range but can’t “take it” to the course. I realize that the hazards in your mind play a tremendous role in this but one other factor gets lost in the mix.

Most (like 97%) do not prepare themselves properly for their round
of golf. They might hit 50 7-irons in a row and then a bunch of drivers and say “I’m hitting it great”. Then, it unravels from there.

The reason it is the case is how many times do you hit your 7 iron
and driver in the round? Maybe 16-17 times if your lucky. How many times do you hit a half wedge or a low 6 iron or a cut 3-

The fact is that you need to practice the majority of shots when practicing to get ready for the round. If not, your touch will be extremely off and you will lose touch around the greens and your vision for the course will be thrown off.

My advice: if your working on a swing adjustment then work on it. But, in the days leading up to a round you must turn off the thinking mind and turn on the playing mind. You must hit a variety of shots while working on visualization and alignment. If you continue to think swing then will lose your focus on the rest of the game and therefore your scores will rocket too high.

Have a game plan leading up to your round and during your round and you will be amazed how your overall quality of play improves.