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Episode 20 features a true entrepreneur at heart and a guy with so much experience under his belt I wish I got to spend several hours with him.  Chip was a delight to speak with and we covered a variety of topics about his upbringing having to adjust from an introvert to extrovert during adolescence, taking a gamble on his first hotel property, and making a shift in his life at the age of 52 to take on a role at fast-growing Airbnb

I think you’ll all love the entire conversation with Chip and for more about him and to find him online please see links below:

About Chip:

Rebel hospitality entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Chip Conley is a leader at the forefront of the sharing economy. At age 26 he founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality (JdV), transforming one inner-city motel into the second largest boutique hotel brand in America. After running his company as CEO for 24 years, he sold it and soon the young founders of Airbnb asked him to help transform their promising start-up into the world’s leading hospitality brand. Chip served as Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for four years and today acts as the company’s Strategic Advisor for Hospitality and Leadership. His five books include PEAK and EMOTIONAL EQUATIONS and are inspired by the theories of transformation and meaning by famed psychologists Abraham Maslow and Viktor Frankl.

In his new book, WISDOM@WORK: The Making of a Modern Elder (September 2018), Chip shares his experiences – as both mentor and unexpected intern – at Airbnb. He is the founder of Fest300 (part of Everfest), San Francisco’s annual “Celebrity Pool Toss” that has raised millions for families in the neighborhood where he opened his first hotel, and the Hotel Hero Awards that shine a light on outstanding line level employees. Chip is a recipient of hospitality’s highest honor, the Pioneer Award, and holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University, and an honorary doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. He serves on the boards of the Burning Man Project and the Esalen Institute, where the Conley Library bears his name.

Find Chip Online

Chip’s Website –

Articles on Linkedin –

His New Book -> Wisdom @ Work: The Making Of A Modern Elder

Link to Pre-Order on Amazon

Other Books

Peak: How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow

The Rebel Rules: Daring to Be Yourself in Business

Marketing that Matters: 10 Practices to Profit Your Business and Change the World

Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success in Business + in Life.


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