Well….it’s official…whether I like it or not….I’m 26.  It’s a reality I have to live with.  Being on the downward slide toward the big three – o has come alot sooner than I thought it would.  My how the time flies.  It has been a great 26-years I might add.

I have been blessed to have done a lot of cool things so far and meet alot of great people that have influenced my life up to this point.  I look forward to doing many more cool things and getting a chance to explore this big blue marble we call earth.  Also, I’ll throw a shout out to one of my best buds Aaron Felmet, a big time lawyer in Buffalo, who’s celebrating his 26th today as well.  Your the man Flem!  Keep up the good work!

Anyways, I just want to thank everyone for how good they have been to me over the last 26, especially my mom, dad, brother, and sister.  I feel blessed to have alot of great people in my life that try to lead me in the right direction.  Thanks for your support and continued dedication to making me a better person.

2009 should be a great year and I’m looking forward to talking and conversing with some of you on your golf game and life in general.

I’ll leave ya’ll with one quote if you will that I developed back in the winter….it holds true not only to golf but how one should try to live their life…..

“How you play reflects your talent,

How you act reflects your character,

How you lose reflects your worth.”

Be good ladies and gentleman….we’ll see ya’ll soon!