About Brian

My name is Brian Ondrako and I’m just a dude exploring the endless possibilities of the world and trying to do it through positivity and gratitude. I was made in New York and have been hanging my hat in the Carolinas for my entire adult life.  I had taken the traditional path in life that many are taught to do. Get a job, grow your career, start a family, and don’t bang into too many walls or stray too far from the path. Then, a few years ago, I made a decision to change my life for the better and started an exploration around what would truly make me fulfilled in life.  Thus began my “Renaissance-period”. 

In 2017, I started a Podcast called Just Get Started where I interview entrepreneurs/founders/etc. who are living life on their own terms and getting outside their comfort zone to achieve a more fulfilling life.  The goal of the podcast is to help inspire others and educate them that beyond the fear and anxiety of forging your own path is such a remarkable ripple effect of opportunity that can be the catalyst to set you up for success and happiness. It’s been quite a journey of learning and I’ve met some great people along the way that will be lifelong friends. Besides my full-time gig in software sales, I am working on my first children’s book, beginning a year-long challenge called the Dozen Months of Discovery, continuing my CrossFit journey, and focusing on some new business ventures.

I share a lot of my journey on my website / social pages. Feel free to check out my Now page that I update every quarter with what I am currently involved in..  Please reach out online as well – @brianondrako on Instagram and @brianondrako on Twitter. I look forward to connecting!