About Brian

Hey gang!  Thanks for checking out the website!

I’m just a dude trying to explore the endless possibilities of the world and trying to do it through positivity and gratitude.  I started my blog many years ago when I twilighted as a golf professional and decided to venture into this avenue of podcasting to continue my passion for conversation and curiosity of meeting new people.

It all started back in high school when Mr. Hynes planted the seed in my head of being on the radio.  He pulled me aside and said “Brian, you’ve got tremendous pitch and tone in your voice…you should be on the radio”.  From then on, I’ve had a lot of folks tell me similar things and I finally decided to go for it…to Just Get Started!

This premise of “starting” is something I’ve been pondering for a while.  I look at the world and the many humans I live, work, and play with and realize that a lot of people aren’t happy with life.  They meander through the day trying to get to the next and ultimately the weekend.  Why not try to explore what makes you fulfilled and try to go all chips in the middle on that.  Whether that is a new business venture, healthy lifestyle, new hobby…whatever.  Just go for it.  What are you waiting for.  You have one life to live.

Anyways, that’s what I am passionate about right now.  Helping others get motivated to explore their own passions and hopefully this podcast inspires one other person to do just that.

Please reach out online – Instagram @brianondrako or Twitter @brianondrako on each.

Would enjoy connecting further and seeing what gets you up in the morning and what is inspiring you today.

Carpe Diem!